Memory Foam Mattresses In Bath

Few cities in the UK can claim to have the same amount of architectural beauty or history as Bath. Situated at the gateway to the beautiful West Country, Bath has been an attraction for the people of Britain and beyond for over 2,000 years, evident to this day by the number of Roman artefacts which are constantly being discovered there. Indeed, the Romans so loved the city, that they dedicated it to their goddess of healing waters – Aquae Sulis – who was said to reside in the mineral thermal springs which burst from the fertile land, and are said to be an effective cure to all manner of ailments. The Roman Baths in the city are one of the country's most popular tourist attraction, and people flock in their hundreds each day to walk around the original pools and see the elegant carvings and statues which adorn the building. Nowadays, tourists looking to relive the glories of the Roman Empire can visit the brand new developments which make the most of the famed spring water, and can have all sorts of massages and holistic treatments in beautiful modern surroundings. The times may have changed, but simple pleasures remain forever!

Elsewhere in Bath, we can see the city as the favourite fashionable location of the elegant Georgian upper classes. Beautiful houses on the Royal Crescent give an air of utter sophistication to the place, and the cobbled streets and elegant buildings which line them are a real treat for those looking for something chic yet historic. Bath is also famous for its cuisine, and the renowned Bath buns can be tasted at various cafés around the city. However, no restaurant does them better than Sally Lunn's – the oldest house in Bath and the original home of this light, sweet and utterly delicious treat. Bath is essentially a city built for walking and strolling around with family and friends, the streets are very pedestrian friendly, and the gentle, rolling hills of the city offer fantastic views stretching out into Wiltshire and the Avon Valley. With all that walking to do, you'll be aching to return home to a well designed and comfortable bed, and nothing promises a quality sleep quite like a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam is a highly prized material first used by the NASA space programme to keep their astronauts comfortable on long space voyages. For many years, it was an expensive commodity, with few members of the public being able to afford it. However, thanks to increased demand, and higher efficiency in the production of memory foam, prices have become much more affordable, resulting in more people being able to enjoy the benefits it can bring. Because memory foam moulds itself to your body in your preferred sleeping position, you can rest assured that every night will be a blissful one; no matter how late you stay out in Bath's famous pubs and bars, you'll always return home to your own personal cocoon of comfort.