Memory Foam Mattresses In Bedford

Bedford has plenty to offer the culture-hungry visitor, as this city has plenty of historical significance covering several centuries of grandeur, innovation and artistic progress. The historic county of Bedfordshire holds some of the most beautiful parks and gardens to be found anywhere in Britain, and offers plenty of chances for visitors to feel utterly relaxed and rejuvenated in its wide, green spaces. For those who love a bit of history, the fantastically grand and decadent Wrest Park manor house and grounds is everything one could want from a stately home, and the building itself is a beautiful example of late 18th century style, packed full of period furniture, tapestries, paintings and more. However, it is the grounds of the house which are truly special and worthy of note, as they are amongst the most exciting examples of Georgian fashion in horticulture to be seen anywhere in the country. Inspired by the grounds at the Palace of Versaille, the gardens of Wrest Park are exquisitely maintained to show off their curling pathways, sculpted trees and decorative ponds. To walk around these gardens is to take a trip back in time to a more elegant age, and it is utterly seductive in its grandeur.

The rest of Bedford has plenty to offer those looking for a bit of culture. With several small art galleries demonstrating the talents of local people from the past and the present, it is easy to see how the city is continuing to inspire those who want to capture some natural beauty onto a canvas. The Bedford Museum and the Eagle Gallery regularly update their exhibitions with themed shows, and you can see everything from painting to sculpture, pottery to stained glass in these lovely period buildings. The Elstow Moot Hall is also well worth a visit, as a fantastic example of a 15th century wood framed market hall. The hall is elegantly decorated with 17th century furnishings, and has some fascinating exhibits showing what life was like in the city so long ago. For family friendly informative fun, take a trip down to the Stondon Transport Museum, where you can see over 100 years' worth of engineering and transport design and innovation housed in a wonderful museum space. The kids will love the replica of Captain Cook's ship – The Endeavour – and there is plenty to keep you occupied and enthralled.

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