Memory Foam Mattresses In Brackley

England is full of fascinating little towns, with plenty to offer those who have the time to seek them out. We take great pride in our traditions and heritage, our culture and eccentricity, and this shines through in the places we live, and the places we love to visit. One such example would be the pretty town of Brackley, a place with a lively history which includes the signing of the Magna Carta, and the resulting shift in government which followed. The metaphysical poet John Donne was said to hail from these parts, and looking at the surrounding countryside and quaint period houses which still stand on the streets, its easy to see how artists and poets have been inspired over the centuries by this region.

Visitors to Brackley will love some of the buildings which can be seen all over the town, and none are more popular or more photographed than the original wood framed Tudor houses which stand just outside of the city centre. These have been renovated somewhat over the centuries, but give a good idea as to how people used to live in Brackley, and are an important lifeline connecting the past with the present. The town centre also has many historic pubs, alongside more modern bars and restaurants serving both local and international cuisine. Also, in the town centre, you can see the traditional market square, complete with clock tower which is an icon of the city. Coming out from the square are several pretty cobbled backstreets, which hold everything from handicrafts shops to antique stores and more.

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