Memory Foam Mattresses In Canvey Island

One of the great things about Britain, and what makes this part of the world quite unique is the fact that we have hundreds of tiny 'British Isles' just off the coast of the mainland. Often, these islands are little havens of calm, where traditional ways of life have not been so eroded by globalisation, and where live is more connected with the natural world around us. Canvey Island is one of these places, and visitors to this small island, now connected to the mainland by a bridge near Southend on Sea, can find natural beauty all around them, as well as gorgeous old cottages and other such treats. Indeed, the 'Dutch' cottages on Canvey Island are an attraction in their own right, as they are quite unique and unlike anything found elsewhere in the country. They were built by Dutch engineers, who were responsible for draining the wetland areas of the island, making them habitable for people. With their white walls, old world style and dark roofs, they are an icon of the island and a lovely curiosity.

Canvey Island now is a lovely place to see some of the finest examples of British wetland wildlife, including a huge range of wading birds which make this place their home in the summers. Walking around the island can often feel as though you aren't in England at all, and that is maybe the secret of its charm. Despite being only a couple of miles from Essex, it feels a whole world away, with its beautiful sea views and expansive flatlands. However, you don't need to be in isolation when on Canvey Island, as there are a couple of fine pubs and places to eat there. Ask any local where the best place to grab a bite is, and they'll enthusiastically point you towards the Lobster Smack, a pub which serves fantastically fresh seafood and barbequed specialities all year round. Their steaks are also famous, and come served with all the trimmings – just what you'll need to keep you going as you explore this fascinating area.

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