Memory Foam Mattresses In Chelmsford

One of the things that Chelmsford is best known for is being the birthplace of radio. Its location places it almost in the centre of the county, where it has been since the founding of the town in 1215. In March, 2012, Chelmsford was officially made a city during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  The city’s proximity to London makes it a popular home for those who do not mind commuting.

Chelmsford also includes several small villages which include Ford End, Galleywood, Bicknacre, Writtle and Little Leigh to name just a few.  As a town located in southeast England, Chelmsford has the advantage of a warmer climate than most other areas in Britain.

This makes it the ideal place for a day out with the family and there are plenty of options for spending time outdoors.  Why not take one of the Chelmer Cruises?  These are perfect for those who want to explore some of the countryside a little further away but do it in complete comfort.  Alternatively Chelmer Park is ideal for sports enthusiasts.  The park has a play area for young children and plenty of different sports pitches and courts to choose from.

Those who want a taste of the region’s history will find that there are plenty of monuments to see.  These include Chelmsford Cathedral which dates from the 15th century which features works of art from many different eras.  Chelmsford Museum is also worth a look as it has a strong focus on the city and its surroundings.  There is also a park, children’s play area and plenty of other amenities on site.

Hylands House is a stately home which sits in nearly 600 acres of parkland.  There has been extensive renovation to the property and visitors are able to see some of the more opulent rooms in the building.  Marsh Farm Country Park is operated by the local authority and has plenty of options for those who want to find out more about how a farm is run.  The park leads to the coastline and there are many trails for those who enjoy walking.

One of the area’s most unusual attractions is the Tropical Wings World of Wildlife.  This has a large butterfly house and is also home to many types of animals, birds and insects.  Kids will love the chance to get closer to the various creatures and it is a great place to learn more about them.       

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