Memory Foam Mattresses In Chesterfield

Chesterfield is a beautiful market town in Derbyshire, England. It has a long history and continues to grow in size and population. More than 100,000 people currently call Chesterfield home, and those numbers are expected to increase. Chesterfield sits 24 miles north of Derby and is Derbyshire’s largest town.

Dining in Chesterfield presents you with an array of options. There are many different cultures represented within the cuisine, including Chinese, Indian, and Italian. Restaurants both casual and upscale are found in Chesterfield.  Bars and pubs are popular in Chesterfield. The Brampton Mile alone provides a total of 13 pubs on a 1 mile section of road. These bars and pubs offer a grand time until the wee hours of the morning.  Chesterfield is a great place for a night out.

If you enjoy the arts, Chesterfield is surely the place to be. The Pomegranate Theatre is in Chesterfield, featuring a small auditorium that seats a maximum of 500 people. The building is listed as a Victorian building and features various performances during the year.  The Winding Wheel is available for those who want to get involved. A multi-purpose venue, there are events taking place during the year that include dances, receptions, meetings, trade shows, concerts, dinners and more.

One of the most notable things in Chesterfield is the Church of Saint Mary and All Saints Crooked Spire. The spire is leaning and twisted 45 degrees and leaning over 9 feet from centre.  This is one of the most photographed attractions in the city. 

The Football League Two, known as the Spirelites, play football in Chesterfield. There are both men and women’s teams in the league, and catching a game is a great way to get your fill of sports and basketball action. A speedway track and a rugby team are also found in Chesterfield.

A skate park is also available to Chesterfield inhabitants. The skate park, although recently built, is a hit around the area and offers kids, teens and adults alike the chance to enjoy their favourite activities, such as skateboarding.

Some of the most notable names hailing from Chesterfield include Jo Guest, a former model; Football player John Lukic; The Thompsons Twin band member Jon Podgorski; Writer, mayor and administrator Violet Markham; Actor Jeremy Kemp; Television Critic Ian Hyland and actress Claire Price.

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