Memory Foam Mattresses In Crewe

Crewe is a town located in the county of Cheshire. There are over 67,000 residents living in Crewe according to Census records. One of the most notable things about Crewe is Rolls Royce. There was a Rolls Royce plant in Crewe from 1946 until 2002, and although it shifted gears and headed for another town, another great rolled in. Bentley now has a base in Crewe and is now a major part of the town’s identity.

In addition, Crewe junction is a popular claim to fame in Crewe, and known to most people. The big railway junction that is seen upon entrance is to the town has been a long-time fixture in Crewe and many people travelling to the north of England or Scotland will pass through Crewe.

Before the addition of this railways station Crewe was only a small village. Development of the area was very slow, and in 1831 only 70 people resided in the area. The construction of the railway in 1841 brought huge growth to the area as homes were built to accommodate workers. By 1843 Crewe had quickly grown into a small town, hence received the name changed from Crue.

There are two major shopping centres within Crewe- Market Centre and Victoria Centre. These two shopping centres feature numerous retailers of both high-end and low-end goods. You can find most anything that you want to find within the shopping centres. In addition there are other weekly markets that come to town, both indoor and outdoor, offering everything from fresh meats and vegetables to handmade creations.  There are plenty of bargains to be found in this area.

Sports are also popular in Crewe. Multiple centres are available for enjoying sports. Football and rugby are among the most popular.  Getting tickets to watch a match is fairly easy and you will be able to mingle with local fans.  Other sports facilities in the area include golf courses and there are plenty of leisure centres for swimming, squash and fully equipped gymnasiums.  

One of the benefits of visiting Crewe is that it is easy to get to other places.  Cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Shrewsbury are within easy reach and it is only a short journey into the beautiful country of Wales.  With so many places to go you will be spoiled for choice but this town is a great starting point for any break in this part of the country. 

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