Memory Foam Mattresses In Downham Market

Downham Market, sometimes simply referred to as Downham, is a town and civil parish in Norfolk.  The town sits on the River Great Ouse and on the edge of the Fens. It is approximately 20 km south of King’s Lynn, and about 60 km from Norwich.  Downham Market is a large agriculture centre and became famous during the Middle Ages for dairy produce.

Downham Market has many historic buildings.  The main square holds a number of these buildings, including the unique black and white clock tower. This tower is made from wrought iron and of Gothic design. The Medieval Parish Church, which has been dedicated to St. Edmund, is also a popular historic building. The Town Hall, which was built in 1887 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee, is the town’s oldest building.

Along with the many historical buildings and sites in Downham Market you can find many other enjoyable things to entertain your time. There are two outdoor markets each week, held on Friday and Saturday. These markets are held both inside and outside, and feature small stalls of vendors selling an array of goods, from breads and jams and jellies to clothing and crafts. There are other independent stores and markets available each day of the week as well.  This is a great place to try the local produce and find a few bargains.

A number of special festivities are found in Durham. The St. Winhold’s Fayre is a music festival that comes to the area annually. This music festival includes all types of music as well as water events such as Dragon Boat racing. In November the Festival of Swans comes to life and numerous other events bring in the winter months.  These events bring in thousands of tourists and are growing in popularity.   

Restaurants in Downham Market are plentiful and you can try all the world’s major cuisines here. There are teas and pubs serving meals, as well as hotels and major restaurants.  For an evening out there is plenty to choose from in the region. 

Downham Market is a true spectacle for anyone seeking a break from the ordinary. The beautiful surroundings of Downham Market, combined with the historical building, shops and restaurants keep the visitors coming year after year.  The surrounding areas are filled with beautiful countryside and attractions and it is a great place to spend time while on a family holiday.  With plenty to see and do all throughout the year, Downham Market is the place to be!

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