Memory Foam Mattresses In Dudley

Dudley is a large town found in the West Midlands. There are around 194,919 people living in the area, hence making it one of the largest in the area. It is second largest behind Reading.

The city of Dudley has a long history. It dates back to Anglo-Saxon times, with its name coming from the Old English word “Duddan Leah.” It is names in honour of an Anglo-Saxon King and Saint. During the Middle Ages Dudley was a major market town. They sold agriculture products as well as iron goods in times as early as the 13th century. Coal mining was also a part of the industrial hub during this era.

During the English Civil War Dudley was a Royalist stronghold. After this war the population of Dudley would see dramatic growth, particularly during the 18th and 19th centuries. During this growth the town would become part of the Black Country. The very first Newcomen steam engine was designed near Dudley in 1712. This time also led to Dudley being called the most unhealthy place in the country. Living conditions were terrible at the time, however during the early 20th century; installation of clean water supplies and water sewage systems changed this.

Currently Dudley is home to numerous landmarks and special points of interest. These are things that can be enjoyed by any and every one, any day of the week. With so much to do there is something that will meet the interests of all.

The Dudley Zoo is among the favourite activities of tourists and locals alike. Dudley Zoo features an array of live animals as well as a children’s play area and lots of other fun stuff suitable for all ages.

The Black Country Living Museum is a museum that details the great history of Dudley through many displays and fascinating exhibits. The museum sits near the Dudley Zoo and is open Monday through Friday . Along with the permanent displays found in the museum guests can appreciate the traveling and special exhibits that come throughout the year for short periods of time.

Because there are many canals in Dudley, walking and cycling are popular activities in Dudley. Fishing is also a favourite activity. The Dudley Market is located in the town centre is perfect for a day of shopping, featuring numerous shops and stores.

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