Memory Foam Mattresses In Essex

Essex is a lovely county, and if you happen to be looking for fun things to do in Essex, you are in luck! An area rich in history and infused with so many contrasts, from a beautiful coastline and amazing countryside, all of which keep it unique, Essex attractions are one of the best things about the region.

There are a number of stately homes in Essex. These stately homes are open to the public and make truly remarkable experiences for all who choose to share in them. One of those stately houses, the Layer Marney Tower, is the tallest Tudor gatehouse found in the UK. The Audley End House is another of the great stately homes; this was used as a Royal Palace.

There are also great watermills in Essex. You will find the Alderford Watermill one of the best. This is a classic watermill with only bits of restored machinery. Individual and group tours are available and during your tour you can see how the role of a watermill has changed from the 19th to 20th centuries as well as learn how they work. This is a fabulous excursion for all the family and allows young children the chance to see how things worked many years ago.

Barleylands Farm Park is yet another of the discoveries waiting for you to make in Essex. This Farm Park has all that you could want or need and is a great choice for those with children.  The Farm allows you to feed and pet the animals which range from baby chicks to cows. You also have the opportunity to ride tractors and participate in many other fun activities. The play area at the Farm Park is for all ages of children, including drop down slides, rope climbs and more. A great restaurant and coffee bar are available as well as The Craft Village, an area featuring more than 50 galleries and shops. Learning adventures are also found at the Farm Park, all combined in a beautifully landscaped courtyard and garden.

Visit the Braintree Museum while in Essex as well. The award-winning museum displays numerous works from the rich history of the town, with some of those pieces dating back for more than 200 years. A remarkable experience for all!

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