Memory Foam Mattresses In Guildford

The largest and the only Royal Town of Surrey in the south-east England, Guildford is a unique hodgepodge of cultural charm, historical splendour and contemporary marvels. With plenty of attractions, Guildford has become an unexpected holiday destination for some people but it is also an important town in terms of business and the proximity to London makes it a popular choice for homebuyers as they can commute easily.

A 16th century building with charming architecture is the Guildhall which can be found in Guildford’s Main Street. It is used as a Town Hall and a concert hall for many important ceremonies and it is worth a visit for those who are interested in the history of the area. Located in Quarry Street, the Guildford Museum is a wonderful exhibition site for a large number of artefacts. Moreover, several of the Guildford Castle furnishings are now housed in the Guildford Museum.

The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre is a splendid concert arena with many internationally acclaimed shows doing the rounds at all times of the year. Featuring jazz, classical and heavy metal music, the theatricals are known to support budding artists and talented local singers. An evening of fun in the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre is guaranteed and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the big names too, as many touring shows appear here before taking up residence in London’s West End.

Home to the Diocese of Guildford, Guildford Cathedral is a huge cathedral. This large building has been used as a concert venue on many occasions and offers daily services and the Bible mass too. Another place of worship in Guildford, St. Mary’s Holy Trinity, while not as grand as Guildford Cathedral is a prominent attraction nevertheless. You might be impressed with the architecture and the mosaic paintings of the shrine as well as the sophisticated services.

Situated in the vicinity of Guildford, the Watts Gallery is a premier tourist destination thanks to the various rare paintings and masterpieces by renowned painters and artists. The gardens around the gallery are splendid and you might want to try the delectable coffee from the local coffee bar too.

Guildford has a variety of boating options for those who want to spend a bit of time on the river. Families who want a day out can book a boat trip and there are plenty of places along the river which are ideal for a picnic.

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