Memory Foam Mattresses In Harlow

Located in the county of Essex, Harlow has Anglo-Saxon roots and there are several historical sites in the city. It is often thought of as a very modern place, although there are plenty of areas which have old world charm and it is definitely worth a visit. From the nightlife to the museums, there is something for everyone.

For a great night out, why not try Harlow Square? Harlow Square is a popular venue for those who love to have a good time and a good place to socialise with friends and family, but if theatre is more your cup of tea, the Harlow Playhouse should be high on the list of places to visit. This venue has many different types of shows each year and it is particularly popular at Christmas with various pantomimes. Alternatively, other venues are worth a look. The Victoria Hall is a small, charming, millennium-old theatre and is a venue for many different types of acts. This marvellous building is worth a visit mainly due to its architecture, parks and the serene ambience it offers.

Situated in the centre of the town, Harlow Museum is not only a beautiful heritage site with wonderful architecture, beautiful gardens and fountains, it also is home to several rare and original paintings, manuscripts and historical artefacts from Harlow and the surrounding areas. Therefore its historical significance makes it one of the best places to visit in for those who want to find out how the area developed.

Featuring car shows, exhibitions and a complete guided tour of the premises, the Water Garden Car Park is a beautiful place to spend a day out. Primarily visited by techno-geeks and car aficionados, you also get an insight into the operation and running of several car parts. This is a very unusual day out for the family but worth a look.

A natural flora and fauna enclave in the vicinity of Harlow, the Parndon Wood Nature Reserve is a beautiful place filled with trees, forests and grand landscaped gardens. Enjoy some sunshine by taking a long walk, spotting some of the wildlife which has made its home here or having a picnic with the children. This is a great place to come when the town is busy as it is a reminder that beautiful countryside is only minutes away and it is very popular with the locals.

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