Memory Foam Mattresses In Kingston

Kingston upon Thames is located in southwest London. It is an ancient market town and suburb located 10 miles southwest of Charing Cross. During the 20th Century the area was a military aircraft manufacturing centre for most of the time. The town specialised in fighter aircraft including Sopwith Aviation (the first of its kind,) Hawkwer Siddeley and British Aerospace. Many museums reflect the aircraft and are popular among tourists and locals alike. Kingston was built at the first crossing point of the Thames. This crossing point set upstream from London Bridge. The town was first occupied by the Romans in as early as 600 AD. 

Kingston attractions are plentiful, and you will take kindly to the numerous restaurants, pubs, and other attractions. There are activities for all ages and interests in Kingston and the surrounding London area. If you enjoy art, The Rose Theatre is a must visit Kingston attraction. Opened in 2008, this theatre has seating for one short of 900, with those seats arranged around the semi-circular stage, giving it a close, cosy feeling for all in attendance.

Wimbledon football team plays at Kingsmeadow Stadium. If you enjoy football and want to catch a good game, these guys can sure put on an entertaining and competitive sport. In addition to football, the Kingston Rugby Club is offered for those with a passion for rugby. 
The Bentall Centre is the premiere shopping outlet in Kingston. Shoppers will find an array of stores offering everything under the sun, from souvenirs, clothing and jewellery to household items, collectables and much more.

Fairfield Park is a great family attraction. Located near city centre there are two football pitches and a cricket pitch found here. It is a great place to enjoy any time of the year; perfect for picnics, long walks and enjoying the fresh air and beauty known as Kingston. The location is just as wonderful, as many museums are nearby as well as the library.

Ensure that you visit The Astoria while in Kingston. A houseboat turned recording studio, it is owned by Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. It was designed to hold an entire 90 piece orchestra when built, and joining the Astoria is a magnificent time waiting to be had. 
Kingston on Thames is a magnificent city close to London and filled with every bit of excitement of the big city. These are only a few of the great things you will find to do in Kingston.

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