Memory Foam Mattresses In Leighton Buzzard

There is evidence dating back to the Saxon times that people have been living in and around Leighton Buzzard for many years.  Back then it was known as Lestone, which is  a Saxon name for woodlands.  Apparently the last part of the town’s name, Buzzard, was named after a cathedral officer named Theobold de Busar.  Earthern works dated to Roman times have also been found, plus pottery and jewellery from the sixth century. 

In 1086 Leighton Buzzard was mentioned in the Doomsday Book when it was known as Lestone.  The market of that era is still going today. 

The canal and railway inventions in the 1800s helped the growth of the town’s population immensely, along with industry and commerce.  Businesses that moved into the town were able to supply plenty of employment for the residents.  During the World War II the town’s people of Leighton Buzzard also built and produced the bomber aircraft for the military.

The All Saints Church with its spectacular spire of one hundred and ninety feet high is a must to see for visitors.  The west door of the church is not the original but the iron braces are from when the church was built in the thirteen century.  In 1985, the church was badly damaged by a fire.  It has fortunately been restored to its former glory.  The wooden angels that are on the fifteenth century roof were given as a gift to the church from the Duchess of Suffolk of that time.

The railway in Leighton Buzzard is a narrow guage, that is very popular all over the country.  It has a top visitor count too.  When it was built in 1919, it was originally used to carry sand all over the country.  Since 1968 it has been a passenger train to take visitors on hourly trips from Page’s Park to Stonehenge Works.  Both places have a souvenir shop and a place for refreshments.  The locomotive is run by steam with a long funnel, gleaming brass features and a loud whistle.  This is the perfect place for a family outing or if you are a train enthusiast.  They also do trips to see Santa Claus at Christmas time.

For the sporty type of visitor, or if it is a bad weather day you can enjoy yourself at Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre.  They have a health suite, sports hall and a swimming pool.  If you have smaller children there is a well supervised creche.  It maybe a good idea to buy yourself a memory foam mattress if you plan all this activity.

A memory foam matress is perfect for a good night’s sleep.  As the foam gets warmer it starts to soften under the parts of the body that need the most comfort, and firmer where you do not.  Helping your blood circulation flow a lot easier around those painful arthritic joints.  You will not get any of the usually bedbugs or dead skin cells with this memory foam matress, so if you are an allergy sufferer a better matress could not be recommended.