Memory Foam Mattresses In Liverpool

Liverpool has grown immensely and is now a popular city for tourists.  It has a wide cultural history, architecture and it has produced many entertainers through the years, including the Beatles.  John Lennon has an airport named after him where many people arrive from all over the world.

Liverpool was originally known as Liuerpul, which means a pool of muddy water.  Its history goes back to the first century when some people settled near the river Mersey.  By 1200, these settlers grew a thriving fishing village.  King John sent out an advertisement inviting people to come and live there.  He built a port there that shipped troops to Ireland.  There was once a Liver pool castle, but in 1726, it was taken down.  From 1699, Liverpool was made the second metropolis of the United Kingdom.  The first wet dock was built in 1715, and trade started coming in Europe, Ireland and the West Indies.  In this same period, the Black Community grew to about ten thousand, aided by the slave trade that brought in profit for the town.

Liverpool that we know today is thankful for the Albert Dock that was built in 1846, with many wet and dry docks.  It imports valuable cargo from worldwide.  Liverpool has the largest floating quay of the world – Pier Head landing stage.  By the nineteenth century large important building were built including St George’s hall and Lime Street Station.  In 1880, Liverpool was finally accepted and was given city status.  A designer by the name of John Wood helped to construct the Town Hall, as well as enlarge the building by adding a dome.

Other buildings of interest in Liverpool are the local Museum and Walker Art Gallery.  In 1952 the Church of St. Nicholas was rebuilt, but keep the originally built tower of 1815.  The building stands in the memorial garden across from Pier Head.  For almost a century now, the Three Graces on the Pier Head rise to about two hundred and ninety five feet of the Royal Liver Building.  The other two towers belong to the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool building.  Another great building, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert-Scott that is still standing is the New Anglican Cathedral.  Construction of this building was finished in 1904.  There is a huge organ and wonderfully painted stained glass windows. 

This maritime city has something for the family.  Just on, the outskirts of Liverpool you will walk into the beautiful countryside that is quiet and peaceful.  There are many shops, pubs and restaurants.  After a quiet, peaceful day in the country, what you need is a long lasting memory foam mattress.

Hypnia memory foam mattresses have accessories such as the memory foam toppers, which help your bed to be more comfortable.  They help to improve the durability of the mattress.  Toppers come in many sizes and thicknesses, but if you cannot get the one your need, some places online will custom make one for you.  Check the size of your mattress and think about whether you just need extra comfort or reduced consistent aches and pains.