Memory Foam Mattresses In Long Eaton

Long Eaton is home to a great variety of wildlife and takes pride in looking after their natural surroundings.  In 1977, the Natural History Society (LENS) was founded to conserve the wildlife and prevents development taking over the animals' natural habitat.  To help you learn more about the history extensive records have been kept of the flora and fauna for you to view.  If you are fore keeping the natural homes of our wildlife you can become a member, so that you can have a say in what happens.  The society is not just for Long Eaton it works with many wildlife conservations throughout the country.

Long Eaton is not a part of Nottinghamshire, but in fact, it actually belongs to Derbyshire, due to the way the postal system works as addresses have Nottingham postcodes.  The town itself dates back to the seventh century and is situated on the along the River Trent.  The original name for the town was an Anglo Saxon term Aitone that means town by the water.  In the nineteenth century, the town began to prosper due to industries such as quarrying and lace making that was boosted by canal and railway transportation systems.  By the year 1870 Long Eaton had grew from a little agricultural into a quite large popular town.  By the 1900s the population had grew to a massive twenty thousand.  Trent lock is still very popular with tourists.  Here you can find the boat and ship centre, and it is the perfect viewpoint to see the Blue Mountain Cottages and Clock House of the Erewash Borough.

Due to the close proximity to Nottingham, you may be able to visit the neighbouring Nottingham Castle Museum.  Definitely, a place for the historians, as it was one of the most important Castles of England in the sixteenth century.  The King of that time was executed, and in 1651 Parliament ordered that the castle was to be demolished.  The castle was eventually swept away leaving artefacts and remnants were buried so that later the Duke of Newcastle came and built his palace on the Castle Rock.  This building was burned in 1831 by Reform Rioters, and was left a shell until 1878 where it was restored and built into a fine museum and art gallery.  Many displays of the fine art of that time that have been grouped in to collections, such as the work of the Studio Potters of the 1950s, which is named the Ballantyne Collection.  The King probably had many a sleepless night, but you don’t have to have one with a memory foam mattress.

Hypnia memory foam mattresses, pillows and toppers are great for relieving those aches and pains of a long stressful day.  They aid blood circulation as well as support for the muscles so that every part of your body will wake in the morning feeling refreshed.  Toppers give that extra comfort to help you sleep peacefully or for the elderly with sore aching joints.  These special memory foam products will relieve all your aches and pains making it easier to get around during the day.