Memory Foam Mattresses In Loughborough

The town of Loughborough was originally a Saxon village, and according to the Doomsday Book of 1086, it probably had a population of about one hundred and eighty to two hundred residents.  It was busy town in the thirteenths century, which held weekly markets and annual fairs that attracted visitors to buy or sell all over the country.  Types of craftsman tended to live on the same street for example Bakers lived on Baxtergate, where Baxter meant baker and gate was derived from a Scandinavian word.

Loughborough is a Tudor town and unfortunately suffered from outbreaks of the plague in 1588, 1602 – 1603, 1609 and 1631.  There were many deaths during this time, but fortunately, the town was able to recover.  In 1622, many of the buildings were destroyed by fire, but again it was rebuilt and the town recovered.  The town was very dirty and had bad sanitation, so in 1848 there was an outbreak of Cholera.  The Board of Health was formed 1849, and things began to improve, especially when a clean water source was introduced to the town in 1888.

Getting to more recent times Loughborough started really growing in population in 1901 when it had twenty one thousand residents.  In 1905, the Carnegie Library was built so that education and learning was being discovered by anyone who chose to learn.  In 1916, ten people were killed by a Zeppelin raid, as well as eight hundred and forty soldiers in the war.  Loughborough erect a memorial in 1923 for all those who died, this memorial is the Carillon Tower.  Many educational buildings, homes and shopping centres were now being built as the town became healthier a prosperous.  The well know Charnwood Museum was opened in 1999.  Today the population of Loughborough is fifty nine thousand.

The museum is family oriented and is location in the area known as Queen’s Park.  The exhibits are on local history and the industries through time.  There are also interactive displays to keep you entertained as well as the children.  There is even a computer game in the building that helps you learn all about Loughborough.  Charnwood had a volcanic past, and rocks of these events have been displayed so they may be handled.  You can take a walk around the great oak tree and visit the Victorian Style shop.  If you enjoy aviation, you can go and see the Auster aeroplane that was built locally, and has been suspended from the ceiling for effect.  Walking and standing a lot can be stressful on the joints, so make sure you go home to a memory foam mattress.

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