Memory Foam Mattresses In Luton

The Saxons created Luton in the sixth century after conquering Bedfordshire.  They built a farm next to the river Lea called a Tun.  It was mostly a farming town in the earlier centuries, and people would sell their wares at the central market.  There were also six water mills in the middle ages and one actually gave its name to Mill Street.  The Lord of Manor issued buildings such as a new church to be built in 1137, and in 1139, a castle was built.  Unfortunately, the castle was demolished in 1154, and this is the site of Castle Street.

Luton began when the Saxons conquered Bedfordshire in the 6th century.  They created a farm or settlement called a tun by the river Lea. (Lea may be a Celtic word meaning bright river).  By the 10th century, the little settlement of Lea tun had grown into a town.  Luton would seem very small to us with a population of only several hundred.

A hospital was built on Farley Hill for poor travellers in the twelfth century, and another built in centre of Luton for sick people, which became dedicated to Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary.  Much of Luton town was destroyed by a fire in 1336, but it was not surprising in those times, because houses were built of wood and thatched roofing.  It was rebuilt soon after, and Luton was able to recover from this terrible disaster.  It was not until the sixteen century that residents started building their houses with bricks.

Luton   had their first gas light in 1834, and the Town Hall was built in 1847.  The town was now becoming very prosperous and a Luton newspaper begin publishing the news of the town and area in 1854.  In 1848, there was an outbreak of Cholera.  Now due to all the disaster over the years the churchyards were being overcrowded, so the first cemeteries were opened.

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