Memory Foam Mattresses In maidstone

Maidstone was a Saxon village that was owned by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the tenth century.  The population in 1086 was about two hundred and fifty.  It is situated on the Medway River to transport fruit and vegetables to London by water in the thirteenth century.  In the fourteenth century, there were about two thousand people living there, but the town was unfortunately struck by the Black Death

As well as the usual markets, there were also craftsmen such as wool dyers, stonemasons, shoemakers, tanners who would get their hides from London and many more.

The king took over the town from the Archbishop in 1537 who gave the town a new charter making it independent.  A mayor was appointed, and even a grammar school was built.  Due the development of schools, paper was needed for learning books, so by the seventeenth century this industry had really taken off.  An Act of Parliament was passed in 1791 to hire men to clean and pave the streets of Maidstone.  By the eighteenth century, in 1822, Maidstone got their first oil street lamps and there was electricity by 1901.  Now you could catch an electric tram to places all over the town.  By 1819, Maidstone had its own police force.  Later came Maidstone’s first museum and Brenchley Gardens is now open to the public.

A council was soon appointed and many of the slum areas were cleared out to build new council housing.  In 1983, the Maidstone General Hospital was built, and Hazlitt theatre opened in 1955.

Leeds Castle in Maidstone is nine hundred years old, is set in a beautiful garden that has many attractions throughout the day and year.  Children can go for a ride on Elsie the train, watch falcon training or run around in the large playground area and maze.  Inside the castle, you can be transported back to the past with all the fine furniture, porcelain and artwork.

If you enjoy crafts such as pottery and painting make sure you visit the Renaissance Crafts shop.  They have a variety of pottery and artwork on display.  Decorate your own pottery with any colour or design you choose, then leave it in the kiln for a few days and then go and collect.  Before you go back to collect you are going to need a memory foam mattress to get a peaceful slumber.

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