Memory Foam Mattress

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Hypnia are renowned for producing extremely comfortable and very affordable Memory Foam Mattresses.

This is the original Hypnia Memory Foam Mattress

Bed Size

The original Hypnia Memory Foam Mattress comprises of a 75Kg m3 memory foam layer and a reflex foam base plus a Quilted cover. This mattress is rated as medium-firm for support and offering pressure relief during the night. Our memory foam mattresses provide comfort and support ensuring you are sleeping correctly by supporting your back, lower body and upper body.

Memory foam is proven to provide relief from pressure points, which aids in blood circulation, which in turn reduces the need for tossing and turning during the night – The result? A more peaceful and relaxed night sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed every morning. Each memory foam mattress is sold with a quilted coolsoft breathable cover that helps you keep cool during the night; our covers are also hypoallergenic which is great if you suffer from allergies or asthma.

All mattresses are sold with a 10 year guarantee allowing you to purchase with peace of mind. Not only does each mattress have such a long guarantee, but it also comes with a 100 night trial; so if you are not 100% happy with your purchase you can return your mattress – subject to terms and conditions.

The Memory Foam Mattress

Brand: Hypnia
Comfort Rating: Medium-Firm
Cover: Removable Quilted Coolsoft Breathable

Temperature Sensitive:
Our memory foam softens as it gets warmer so that is becomes more supple in areas where you are in contact with the foam, and remains firmer where you are not. This ensures you get the ultimate in adaptive support combined with superior body contouring.

The expertly constructed closed-cell memory foam prevents bugs, mites and dust from penetrating its surface. Unlike a regular mattress where skin and bugs will build up over time a Hypnia memory foam mattress will remain clear and free of bed bugs, making this an ideal choice for allergy sufferers.

Density: 75kg m3
Our memory foam has a medium-firm rating and is available in different depths. By only using high density Memory Foam we ensure our products are resilient and meet the durability standards expected from a leading memory foam brand like Hypnia.

Good Circulation
The superior support provided by a Hypnia memory foam mattress not only provides relief for joints and pressure points, but the reduced stress on muscles surrounding

Mattress Dimensions

Single - 90 x 190 cm

Small Double - 122 x 190 cm

Double - 135 x 190 cm

King size - 150 x 200 cm

Superking - 180 x 200 cm

Euro Single - 90 x 200 cm

Euro Double - 140 x 200 cm

Euro King - 160 x 200 cm

Custom - We can also make to your requirements for size, shape and depth, just ask!

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