Memory Foam Mattresses In Midlands

The area called the Midlands is quite large, and is split in two; the West Midlands and the East Midlands. 

Some of the more popular towns in the West are:

Coventry – is mostly known for its elaborate cathedral, but also has many restaurants, hotels, parks and gardens, sports facilities, theatres and a great deal of shops.

  • Solihull – this is a very friendly place to visit or stay.  It has many popular shops, pubs, restaurants and parks.
  • Stourbridge – this town is famous for the manufacture of glass.
  • West Bromwich – this is the area’s largest town.
  • Wolverhampton – this city has the main railway down to London.
  • Birmingham – is the second biggest city in the heart of England.  It is one of the most visited cities all year round.
  • Dudley - it is a large town of the West Midlands.

Dudley is also home to the Dudley Castle.  Ley means land, so the town and castle probably belonged to a man named Dudd, the Prince of Mercia.  When William came over the English Channel and defeated King Harold in 1066, he decided that a hilltop in Dudley would be perfect to build a castle on.  The earthworks were put in place, but nothing else was actually done until about a century later.  The castle wall was eventually built next to a keep at the top of the moat.  Finances fell short and it was never built as spectacular as planned.  The Sutton Family later became the castle’s new owners, and added a chapel to the east wall.  John Dudley or the Duke of Northumberland as he came to be called bought the castle in the 1500s, and re-built the residential block.  It was then passed down to his son Edward Dudley, after his father John passed away.  Unfortunately, the castle residence was burned to the ground on 24th July 1750.  Some of it was restored to how it looks today, so that it can be open to the public to view.

Some of the more popular towns in the East are:

  • Tansley – a town in Derbyshire, near Matlock.  It has a shop, primary school, Anglican Church, Methodist church, pubs, garden centres, horticultural nurseries and a small industrial estate.  It is excellent for walks and close to the Peak District National Park.  Other attractions nearby are Carsington Waters, Crich Tramway Museum, Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall.  The nearby towns and cities are Chesterfield, Nottingham, Sheffield and Derby.
  • Ingoldmells – it is a seaside resort most popular for caravan holidays.  Billy Butlin was pleased with the sun here that he built his first holiday centre in 1936, north of Skegness. 

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