Memory Foam Mattresses In Norwich

In the 11th century, the city of Norwich was the largest city in England after London and an important place in the United Kingdom. It was also the main centre of England’s most populous county, up until the industrial revolution. Its magnificent buildings and medieval streets tell tales of this city’s incredible journey through centuries. In its early years, the city’s rich agricultural land and close proximity to the river and the sea, made it an excellent location for trade and commerce.

However, Norwich’s fortunes turned in 1066, when the Normans invaded the area. Soon after their conquest, the Normans destroyed almost a hundred houses to make way for a castle.  In 1096, construction of the Norwich Cathedral began, led by the Bishop of Thetford, Herbert deLosinga. Limestone, imported from Caen in Normandy, was used in the building.

In 1158, Henry II handed Norwich a Royal Charter. Nevertheless, the city carries the dubious label of being the only English City to be excommunicated by the Pope. This was as a result of riots that took place in the city in 1274.

In 1144, the Jews of Norwich were accused of ritual murder after a young boy, William, was found dead with stab wounds. It was the first known incident of blood libel against Jews in England. The story of William turned into a cult, making William a martyr, who was subsequently canonized. The cult of St William drew pilgrims to Norwich and they brought currency to the local church. In February 1190, all Jews in Norwich were murdered. Only a few who managed to find refuge in the Castle, survived.

Trade in the early years was in sheep wool. Norwich managed to build many churches with money raised selling wool. It traded with many parts of Europe, stretching from Scandinavia to Spain. Norwich was also popular for weaving, which brought urbanization to the city. The urban society created platforms where interaction and debate could occur.          18th century writing describes the city’s rich cultural life and festivities.  For much of the turbulence of the 18th century, Norwich was stimulated by its intellectual capital. In the 1790’s, the city’s wool trade faced stiff competition from Yorkshire and Lancashire.


In the 20th century, Norwich still thrived on manufacturing, but has since expanded to aircraft design and manufacture, engineering and other modern specialized trades.  The people of Norwich seem to have a very active lifestyle, so why shouldn’t that have a peaceful and restful sleep.  Choose a memory foam mattress that is good for your back any area of pain.

These memory foam mattresses are great for those who suffer from arthritis and need their aching joints soothed.  These pressure points, as they are called, are eased away by the mattress surrounding the area and comforting it.  As the mattress gets warm the material will soften, and upon rising in the morning, the mattress will spring back in to its original shape ready for the nighttime again.  The reason why it is able to go back into shape is because in the Hypnia material there is visco, which is a kind of elastic.