Memory Foam Mattresses In Saxmundham

The town of Saxmundham in Suffolk sits on the River Fromus and forms part of the Suffolk Heritage Coast which is a popular attraction for visitors and potential inhabitants. Don’t be surprised if the locals refer to the town as simply Sax, this is quite common! The town is well connected to other towns and cities with great transport links, making it easy to access. The nearest large town is Ipswich which is around 30 km to the south west.

The town is mentioned in the Doomsday book which means it has been around in some form or another since at the very least 1086. It is traditionally a market town and the market still takes place each Wednesday where eager shoppers can peruse a range of fresh vegetables and fruit, plants and flowers and other local products.

Saxmundham is an ideal base for exploring the Suffolk coast, and in the area there are many attractions to draw locals and visitors alike. For a start the incredible views of the coast are renowned for their beauty. The heritage coastline is a very popular draw for those seeking to explore and there are a number of historical sites including Framlingham Castle, a stunning 12th century fortified structure which once was home to Mary Tudor prior to her coronation as Queen of England. The castle has various trails and guided tours which promise lots of entertainment and a lively lesson in the areas history.

Other attractions include Leiston Abbey, the impressive remains of a 14th century abbey which attracts visitors to marvel at the remarkable architectural remains. There is also the enduringly popular Orford Castle, a unique, quirky castle famous for its labyrinth of corridors and polygon shaped tower. A great day out exploring the castle will leave you with great memories of the Suffolk area. Minsmere is a nature reserve owned by the RSPB and it promises a brilliant day of activity for bird lovers and novices alike. Get into nature and enjoy getting to know the area!

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