Sudbury in Suffolk, England is a market town with a population of over 12,000 people. Set in the Stour Valley which is an AONB (Are of Outstanding Natural Beauty), Sudbury is a great base for exploring East Anglia. The town itself dates back to Saxon times and has traditionally always been a market town, once fames for its production of silk and fine materials due to the highly developed weaving industry that built up around the town. Many churches and houses which were built as a result of the ensuing wealth which flowed into the town are still standing, and well worth seeing.

Sudbury is an attractive place for businesses with cheap premises and a good workforce. Many businesses have set up headquarters in the area and the retail sector does very well. Shopping is good in the town with lots of local loyalty and people coming to the town from surrounding rural areas.

One of the most popular local attractions is the former home of the celebrated artist Thomas Gainsborough, where visitors can learn about the painter’s life and browse works by other artists as well. Gainsborough was born in the town and inspired by the surrounding area. John Constable, another of England’s most celebrates artists, also worked locally and included the local area in his works.

Belle Vue Park in Sudbury is a lovely town park with well-kept lawns, neat floral displays and animals which children and adults alike love to visit. There are also aviaries and for those seeking exercise, routes for walking and jogging as well as a skate park and tennis courts. Enough to keep the most active among us busy all year round.

Sudbury is the esteemed venue for a music festival held ever since 1996 known as LeeStock in memory of local musician Lee Dunford who died young from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The charitable festival is organised by Lee’s friends and raises money for The Willow Foundation and has attracted some huge names from the music world. The festival was headline by American band Wheatus in 2012, attracting over 800 fans despite terrible weather. The festival aims to grow each year.

Sudbury in Suffolk is a thriving town, with people working, attending school and enjoying the heritage and leisure facilities that the town offers as well as the beautiful countryside around about. The British love to make the best of their homeland but when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep we aren’t always so great, and for this reason is supplying the Sudbury/Suffolk areas with the very latest in technology; memory foam technology that is. Hypnia is committed to providing quality mattresses to the whole of the UK with a view to boosting the health and wellbeing of the population. By taking the pressure of joints, aligning the spine and cushioning the entire body, memory foam can make a huge difference to people with conditions such as arthritis and the public as a whole.