Memory Foam Mattresses In Tamworth

Tamworth in Staffordshire is 23 km to the north-east of the city of Birmingham. This makes it ideal for commuters to the city but it also has some really inviting attractions of its own on offer. The population is around 75,000 and this makes it the biggest town in Staffordshire. It is rich in heritage and tradition and attracts tourists to the area as well as being a popular residential area.

Tamworth Castle is on if its best known attractions. Built sometime in the 11th Century, it is one of the most amazingly preserved motte and bailey castles in the British Isles. The castle has been used through history, with a medieval style with Tudor, Stuart and Victorian style rooms. Not only can you visit the rooms and explore the castle from top to bottom, but interactive displays make learning about history fun for children and adults alike. Try on costumes and take part in activities to give you a first-hand idea of what life may have been like in the castle. Tamworth Castle hosts events throughout the year including welcoming school groups and providing re-enactments, history days and children’s workshops. Feeling brave? Try a murder mystery evening at the castle. Not so brave? Enjoy a stroll around the grounds.

One of the major attractions on the local area is Drayton Manor Theme Park, a theme park with a zoo which in total covers over 280 acres. Extreme thrill rides and rollercoasters, many not suitable for the faint of heart are balanced with lots of fun aimed at younger children. Thomas land, a children’s theme park based on the Thomas the Tank Engine stories and characters is a very popular part of the park, opened in 2008. The zoo is impressive in itself featuring over 100 species of animal in a modern accessible space. Drayton Manor Theme Park attracts thousands of visitors every year, making it one of the UK’s most popular attractions of its type.

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