Memory Foam Mattresses In Trowbridge

The county town of Wiltshire is Trowbridge, a town rich in history and home to a range of attractions. It is only 10 miles from the beautiful city of Bath and situated near the stunning Salisbury Plain. This makes it ideally situated for exploring the Plain or some of the popular towns nearby, including Bradford-on-Avon.

Salisbury Plain is a large plateau on chalky land of 300 square miles in area. It has a tradition of coming up with rich archaeological finds and it where you will find Stonehenge, possible the best known landmark in England, and certainly its most popular prehistoric monument. There are also visible roman roads. The Plain attracts visitors as well as locals who use the plain for all kinds of activities.

Trowbridge holds a popular farmers market each month, bringing local delicacies, quality organic produce and a wide range of hand-made items into the town for locals and visitors to enjoy. Other shopping opportunities are plentiful with the Swindon designer outlet not too far away and a good mixture of unique local shops and bigger named stores.

The attraction of choice for many locals and tourists is the much acclaimed Trowbridge museum which tells of the history of the town, delving into its past as a major producer of wool. The museum itself is housed in a former wool cloth mill and its high points include working looms that can be seen producing cloth as well as lots of interactive displays and information on how various textiles were created and how Trowbridge became world famous for the material it produced. The museum welcomes 25,000 visitors a year, making it a very popular attraction, and it is free to visit.

Trowbridge town trail also explores the history of the area and the buildings that are such an important part of the town’s heritage. Many buildings associated with the wool industry still stand, including steam-mills, the clothier’s house and the Parade, a row of clothier’s houses. All are impressive examples of architecture made possible by the wool wealth that the town enjoyed. is delivering to the Wiltshire area so customers in Trowbridge can take advantage of their generous 10 year guarantee and great value for money. More importantly, you can enjoy the well documented health benefits of a memory foam mattress; so many people are making the change to memory foam for the sake of their health and comfort and Hypnia are dedicated to bringing the latest in memory foam technology to the people of the UK with their top of the range product line. Memory foam distributes your weight and energy over the mattress so that you sink into the material just the right amount, giving your unique body shape the precise support that it needs. It is cleaner and more hygienic than other types of mattress and it simply feels so much better to wake up with no aches, pains or stiffness. A good night’s sleep benefits your mental health as well as your physical health, so what are you waiting for?