Memory Foam Mattresses In Tunbridge Wells

Royal Tunbridge Wells is a very popular historic spa town in Kent, South East England, rich in heritage and offering a range of attractions and activities to locals and those visiting this popular area. The town is over 400 years old and many of its buildings are charmingly old fashioned. The Pantiles area is especially rich in historic architecture and is arguably the most famous area in the large town. The Pantiles is defined by its charming colonnaded walkway and it is comprised of boutique shops, antique shops and places to eat, drink and watch the world go by. A farmers market brings colour and local produce to this part of town twice a month and the Tourist Information point is situated here as well.

The history of the spa town owes much to the discovery of the Chalybeate Spring in 1606.  The waters from the spring were considered in the 18th century to cure all kinds of ailments. It is iron rich water and can still be sampled by visitors to the town, providing the source is healthy and not suffering due to drought. The popularity of the Chalybeate spring and the fashionable town of Tunbridge led to its growth and it competed with other spa towns such as Bath for the attention of the well-to do. This gave the town the name of Tunbridge Wells.

If water isn’t quite your thing, then how about sampling some fine English wine? The vineyards of Kent produce wonderful grapes and the Tunbridge Wells area produces grapes that go into wine from Sandhurst, Biddenden and Chapel Down wines.

Kent is widely known as the garden of England and so it should come as no surprise that the Tunbridge Wells area boasts lots of beautiful gardens that can be enjoyed all year round. There are gardens to suit every taste, such as the Italian Gardens at Hever Castle, the Elizabethan gardens at Penshurst Palace, the tulip gardens at Pashley Manor… whatever your taste, the area surrounding Tunbridge Wells has a garden to intrigue and astound. is now delivering to the Tunbridge Wells area, bringing their revolutionary memory foam products to those who want a better night’s sleep. Thanks to sleep researchers, we are learning so much about how important a good night’s sleep is for our physical and mental health. Even when we sleep, we often do not get the right amount or the right quality of sleep. It is important that we enter the deep REM sleep (otherwise known as dream sleep). Memory foam enables us to do this by giving each individual the unique support that their body needs in order for them to take the strain off of the joints and muscles. This can relieve feelings of stiffness and discomfort when you wake up. For a comfortable night and a morning feeling fresh and revived, the only way to go is memory foam. Take advantage of Hypnia’s ten year guarantee and try this revolutionary material out for yourself, your health and comfort will thank you for it.