Memory Foam Mattresses In West London

The most popular part of West London and one of the biggest attractions on the whole of the capital city, is the West End. It is area overflowing with entertainment and cultural activity; the possibilities are endless!

Arguably the two major highlights of the West End are the theatres and the shopping. The theatrical tradition of the West End is known the world over. Hailed as London’s ‘Broadway’, the west end comprises over 40 theatres and performances range from classic plays, comedies, musicals and modern productions. In June the annual West End Live event brings a showcase of musical theatre to the West End, attracting even more theatre lovers to the area.

Shopping in the West End is first class. Some of London’s most famous and celebrated shopping areas are situated in the West End of the city, including Regent Street, Oxford Street (Europe’s longest shopping street at 1.5 miles long) and Bond Street. Famous London stores such as Hamleys the toy shop, Selfridges and Fenwicks are located here. Smaller shops and exclusive boutiques can be found around Seven Dials and along Carnaby Street (the site of much of the Swinging Sixties excitement) and St Christopher’s Place.

Chinatown was not always situated in West London, it was originally in the East but gradually more and more Chinese restaurants opened in the area and it evolved into the colourful sensory experience that is today’s Chinatown. The area has a reputation for the very best in Chinese cuisine and symbols of this success such as the Chinese Gates and the decoration of the area are signs of the pride London has in its Chinese heritage. is now delivering all over London. Their range of quality, durable memory foam products is fast gaining legions of fans. Memory foam is the material of choice for mattresses thanks to technology developed by NASA to help astronauts deal with the impact of space travel. If it is good enough to cushion space travellers on the return to earth, it is certainly good enough to give you a revolutionary night’s sleep. Suitable for the youngest and oldest members of your household, give it a try with a 10 year guarantee from; you won’t regret trying the latest in memory foam technology. Aches and pains and the symptoms of all kinds of sleep disorders can benefit from the way that memory foam hold the body, spreading out the weight and taking the strain off of your joints. Whether you are looking for a new mattress to replace your old one or are seeking a solution to aches, pains and poor circulation, memory foam from Hypnia can really help. It is designed to allow for better circulation by absorbing the energy and impact of your body and it uses your body heat to respond to your shape in order to cup you comfortably throughout the night. Place a glass of water on the bed and bounce – it doesn’t move or spill; proof of the amazing energy absorbing quality of true memory foam.