Hypnia reach every corner of the UK

Now, we know that Hypnia is a company that sells memory foam products that rival the quality of all the other memory foam retailers out there – but there is something that the edges Hypnia in front of the crowd.

Being a mainly online retainer, which an option to ring – or even visit their showroom if you live close enough, their only option to get their products to the customers would have to be delivery? You would be correct – but how Hypnia differs from the other companies is that is offered all customers free UK delivery as standard.

That isn’t enough? Well, as well as the free delivery, they offer a free breathable and washable cover on memory foam products AND a 10 year guarantee on ALL products.

Wonder if they’ll deliver to you? Well Hypnia deliver to over 100 locations in the UK. So no matter where you are in the UK, Hypnia will get the mattress to you.