You know the saying “out with the old - in with the new”? Well, I think that best describes Hypnia’s Home Page as they have redesigned it and it looks better than ever!

Hypnia is a retail website that sells memory foam products, their main one being memory foam mattresses – which they have a wide range of mattresses,  from single to super king and memory foam to latex.

The old style website to say the least; was a little dated. It didn’t look bad; it just didn’t have that wow factor - It does now though! The home page used to be site split into 3 columns, with their logo at the top, products in the middle and links on either side.  They have completely changed the whole theme of the site by adding several image sliders that span the whole width of the page, so you don’t feel boxed in, but instead let’s your eyes move freely over the user friendly content – but they have kept their black and orange colour scheme which work together very well.

The content on the home page is very minimalistic, which means that you aren’t swamped by lots of information and you get to choose where and what you want to see. The drop down menu on the top of the page is very neat and informative as they categorize everything that you need when you are looking to purchase an item.

Over all Hypnia have done a great job bringing their site into the 21st century and doing a beautiful job of it.