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Icon by Hypnia is the one, this is our ultimate mattress.

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Icon by Hypnia is the one, our ultimate mattress.

A Premium offering - next generation memory foam, at a very affordable price.

Made to offer a tranquil sleep with great comfort, good support and just the right amount of bounce, by using the unique multi-layering system with cooling next generation memory foam.

By using the next generation of memory foam with active cooling, you have no overheating issues as associated with standard memory foam.
The Icon mattress has a depth of approx. 25cm or 10 inches and comes complete with our quilted ‘Coolsoft’ cover, which is easily removed via its zippered closure for washing.

We are not ‘the latest start up’, we have a heritage in the mattress business, so we know that one mattress does not suit everyone.

Icon by Hypnia is what all other mattresses aspire to be. Superior by design.

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