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Composed of high density memory foam. These are not the cheaper 45 kg/m3 entry level toppers.

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The Hypnia Memory Foam Topper is composed of high density memory foam. Due to the high density, these toppers provide the best level of comfort and support needed for a good night’s sleep. These are not the cheaper 45 kg/m3 entry level toppers.

This topper is designed to offer durability and pressure relief for a more comfortable nights sleep. The Hypnia Memory Foam Topper comes with a Cool Soft cover.

The Memory Foam Topper

Brand: Hypnia
Visco Memory Density: 75 kg/m3
Comfort Rating: Medium-Firm
Cover: Removable Coolsoft Breathable
Guarantee: 10 Year

Memory foam toppers are designed to provide comfort and support for your entire body allowing you to wake feeling refreshed and free of any small aches or pains you may currently have from your mattress. The memory foam helps to relieve various pressure points in the body which aids in good blood circulation reducing the need to toss and turn during the night.

What thickness of topper do I need? We suggest the following as a guide:

1 inch (2.5cm) - For use where it must be put away daytime & where storage is limited.

2 inch (5cm) - Use this on a mattress that is a little too firm.

3 inch (7.5cm) - Use this on a mattress that is way too firm.

4 inch (10cm) - Use this where the user has a severe medical need.

Toppers are designed to fit over your current mattress, they sit between the mattress and top or fitted sheets. Memory foam toppers can make a firm mattress more comfortable but they cannot fix or repair one that is dipped or damaged.

If your mattress is beyond repair then we suggest getting a new memory foam or pocket sprung mattress today. They are not as expensive as you may think!

Mattress Dimensions

Single - 90 x 190 cm

Small Double - 122 x 190 cm

Double - 135 x 190 cm

King size - 150 x 200 cm

Superking - 180 x 200 cm

Euro Single - 90 x 200 cm

Euro Double - 140 x 200 cm

Euro King - 160 x 200 cm

Custom - We can also make to your requirements for size, shape and depth, just ask!

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