Reliable retailers. Reliable products.

By looking at their website you would think that they are a respectable company. You wouldn’t be wrong – but don’t just a website by its looks. Just like the old saying says!

If you were to look into more detail into the company you would see that they offer a great service, as well as good quality, reliable products. The company offers free UK delivery on all products and even throw in a free CoolSoft breathable, washable cover and a 10 year Guarantee – and if you place the order online you get a free pair of memory foam pillows with certain orders.

Now, I know great deals and offers don’t make a company reliable, but with the 10 year Guarantee on all products, they show you that they are “verified and secured” with Seeing as GoDaddy is a huge domain website, this should build trust. Hypnia also have a Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Page, which is updated daily to show you that they are active and always there to make sure that any problem you have can be solved there is you can’t reach them by means of phone. They do also include all of their contact details on their site, which means you have multiple ways to communicate.

So in conclusion, Hypnia have great deals, free delivery, secure payment, they are active daily and if you have a problem, you can reach them by any means necessary.